Back out in the Community

Coming back to work in general can prove challenging however, as the work continues to prepare for the forthcoming event, I realised how much I missed being with people.  I missed being able to run out to a last minute invitation…I missed attending things that would inspire me to go ANYWAY…I missed being with those who are motivated just like me and I missed seeing the joys on a face as I would point that camera and shout “SMILE THEN”.

I am getting such great joy out of trying capturing moments to add to the UTN objective and share what it is that I do in my role.  I still need help and invite you to join me and find some joy in adding that extra value-to-life.

No matter what stage you are at, inspiration is what keeps us going and I am calling out to anyone who needs a booster… “no man is an island” why suffer alone?  We are a United Kingdom, we are “uniting the nations”.

Warmest wishes to you all

GM (The Dreamer)


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