Precious World

To add on to this blog… do we even really stop to think how precious our world is?

The madness that we create amongst ourselves, as human beings, is saddening and as a new blogger I am glad that we have the availability to share in this way.

Let’s not forget our precious world and how short our time is here in the universe. Lets make it count and treat each other with the love and respect we would want to receive.  Enjoy your weekend – enjoy your life

Sending universal love #BlogBirdmom-2208928__340 How Precious

Trump just attacked Syria. I try not to think about it. But I do. These thoughts concerning the possibility of a third world war got me reflecting on life a bit. Nothing too profound. Just wondering if I lived my life as best as I could. And if I have any regrets… I’m not so […]

via If I Could Go Back in Time and Talk to the Younger, Awkward-er Me —

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