Easter Egg Madness

So why do we give the Easter egg?

Another commercialized time of the year where parents and loved ones are expected to spend mini fortunes on purchasing the latest selection of chocolate novelty, costing a little more than necessary.  So why do we feel obliged of having to fall into the trap?


Is it the screaming kid syndrome and disappointed faces of tears?  Even now as an adult do I feel the need to have to receive some form of Easter award in chocolate form?  I think just being able to get to the end of Lent with a sense of achievement is reward enough, don’t you?  To be able to sustain such will power in belief of something so strong to your faith is a great channel of control.

The muslim tradition undertake fasting as a huge part of their practise and when you hear from a simple taxi driver why fasting is part of the belief, to appreciate the control of fasting, you learn to appreciate the greatness of our universe and its glory.

Learn more about the EasterTide Giving of Eggs



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