How Humanity is Losing

With all the recent developments of loss and pain infliction, does it not create a depth in the pit of your stomach that makes you want to wrench?

When you think of the innocence of children who are affected by what we inflict upon ourselves as human beings does it not make you wonder when it will all end?

What we forget is that we are leaving this legacy of self-destruction to the future habitants of the planet and although most of this is done for our self satisfaction, did we even stop to wonder what the end game will REALLY be?

Are our thoughts and actions quick “buzz fix” to attempt to create some kind of eutopia for us in the afterlife or do we have to realise that for the now, our creators put us all on earth with reason… hmmmh to see how we can destroy ourselves or maybe…and I believe its for a better purpose like being a better Mankind.  Of course most of want to go to a place know as Heaven of some kind, so lets see eh.

So we do get to “wherever” we want to go when we leave this earth…do we not want to be able to say “I did good”?


Three Wise Monkeys






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