Road To Perdition?

The Uniting The Nations cultural awareness program was created in 2008, by a young lady called Geri, who after seeing how the news of the day was tormenting the airways, with crime and violence,simply wanted to help bring about change through understanding and appreciation.

Now as we look on nine years later, we see that the actions of the world has superseded expectations.  We can sit back in amazement and watch the unraveling as we all try to make some sense of the road ahead.

If on this wonderful Sunday morning, what if some miracle, upon sprinkling magic dust on ‘crazee’…we could bring about change; would we be able to cope?

Here in 2017, I often wonder, why does evil exist in the world?  Will we see the end of “the world’s gone mad” in this lifetime?  What if for some reason it dared to try?  Could we really cope?  Guess the universe is designed in line with the balance of the law;  the wrong and the right, the Scales of Justice, the Yin – Yang, the Night and Day.  How amazingly we have been designed to the laws of humanity in motion.

Yes it is admirable to try and make a change by bringing to attention how we must learn to love one another and bring about peace through understanding, however it is all a waste of time or is there real hope?  Is this Geri’s Road to Perdition?

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UTN Cultural Program Logo



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