Grenville Tower up Close

No matter how many times you watch it on television, nothing prepares you for what you are about to see with the naked eye as you approach Grenville Tower.

Sticking up into the sky is an unbelievable sight of a odd-one-out as you view the tower blocks coming in off the motorway.

The haunting feeling of overwhelm as you think back to how it was viewed by millions around the world as the media channels tuned in, however, even after 6 weeks cooling down period, you can understand why the raw out-cry of emotion sticks in the throat as the residents continue their fight for justice.

The only words that flew out of my mouth were “OH MY LIFE” as I snapped away at this almost appearing like a tourist attraction, against a blue backdrop.

Geri Minelli passes Grenville Tower on MotorwaySensations of unbelievable sorrow ran through my already challenged nervous system and all I could think of as I left the City hours later was the way the images were imprinted upon my brain as I recall the unfolding of that terrible day the world watched in horror.

May the survivors of this terrible incident find justice in their endeavor to continue their lives.  A ‘Park of Peace’ would be appropriate for this hallowed site that at the moment is an unmissable vision for those surrounding it.

May all the lessons be learned so that this will never happen again in my life time, for it is surely one Chapter that will never be forgotten.







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