Houston! We Have A Problem.

Hurricane Hits Houston

Poor old Texas!  Its a new month an we head closer to a new year with a few months remaining and how sad has the world been with all the bad news?

Texas is taking a battering and what a great idea of Kevin Hart to get the ball rolling with dollar-pledge.

The estimate on damage is going to be humongous and the lives of so many will surely be in need of repair.  Their entire life’s belongings diminished in a day of Nature’s Fury.  How many of us could really sustain such pain?

On this start to a new month, UTN are honoring the US with Houston in better times.  Our UTN thoughts are with y’all and we hope that the sun will come and dry out what can be salvaged to help you rebuild your lives.


Atlantic Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2017

Arlene Harvey Ophelia
Bret Irma Philippe
Cindy Jose Rina
Don Katia Sean
Emily Lee Tammy
Franklin Maria Vince
Gert Nate Whitney

Eastern North-Pacific Tropical (and Subtropical) Storm Names for 2017

Adrian Irwin Ramon
Beatriz Jova Selma
Calvin Kenneth Todd
Dora Lidia Veronica
Eugune Max Wiey
Fernanda Norma Xina
Greg Otis York
Hilary Pilar Zelda






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