Finding a cure for Fibromyalgia

Back in March 2017, whilst haring at a women’s day event, a lady approached the table and shared a short story about her life and living with Fibromyalgia and she wanted to bring awareness through talking to others.  Unfortunately, Sara was unable to achieve the dates we looked at.  On top of looking after her family, she would be taking a month off to stay in a country where she recluses to every year to help her condition.

Today is was a inspiration to learn that Lady Gaga had shared of her experience and living with the nerves condition.  Radio One shared the story on “Newsbeat” and has now opened this up for serious consideration for the world to focus on, even if just for today.  Well done to the Lady.

When we looked at it in March, it was quite disturbing to learn of the stories and the images that show you examples of how the body works with such a condition.  This woman battles with the condition and still has to spend time bringing up her children and for anyone who has ever experienced nerve disposition…stock-photo-fibromyalgia-awareness-symbol-or-logo-picture-of-a-purple-woman-silhouette-staying-on-all-fours-629596466

…(One) can assure you its painful, annoying, anger provoking and many other emotions and names of symptoms.

We are hoping that SARA will find a cure that she is looking for, to help herself and other people suffering with the condition and now hopefully with such a celebrity on the case, it will enlighten and open others to the plight for hope.


#LadyGaga #Fibromyalgia #ChicsOnStix




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