The Famous Rice and Peas

…so its Black History Month in the UK and its a Sunday morning.  Special in itself because the clocks went backward in the wee small hours. but that just means the traditional meal of the day had longer to marinade.

Today being a Sunday will be no different to most when it comes to the standard Sunday dinner.  For many Black families of the Caribbean decent, the favored dish is known to be #rice and “peas?”.  I quote the peas word with a question.

Wow!  So today those “red beans” that have soaking over night will find their perfect partner in their heaven of brown rice as millions of families will indulge in their traditional feast of the day.   Imagine the perfect homemade curry to the asian household…

So it you fancy trying something a little different to a “meat and 2 veg” boiled potato special… then head to your nearest neighbor of Caribbean decent and ask them kindly.    You could be a little feisty and ask them for a cup of sugar and hope they invite you in for a little more.  If you are feeling really brave you could ask for them to top it with pepper sauce.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

Other related items for the day of feasting

  • “Punch”sweet thick drink made with Nutriment
  • “Fritters” – fried dish filled with saltfish and other choice fillings.


#Black History Month


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