A Royal Wedding is Looming

Wow! As we awaken this morning , we are counting down on the final legs for the Royal Couple #MeghanMarkle and #PrinceHarry taking their final steps in their last week as single peoplem

Although Meghan has been through this journey before, this is such an awakening for the wonderful Prince who is about to take steps of a lifetime. Tomorrow will be his final Monday… then Tuesday etc before he says those magic words.  Prince Harry, my other half adores you and we are wishing you the very best at this wonderful time.  Everyone should be in love and experience this wonderful celebration, however, the best part will be with what transpires thereafter when the soon to be Princess announces the arrival of those beautiful kids, and lets face it… that’s the plan of order, yeah?

So we are surely seeing some UNITING THE NATIONS going on here and what a great new beginning it will be as the Royal Family awakens from the #SLUMBER as we know it.

Dust off your hats Ladies… and Gents, polish up those cuff links and lets enjoy the moment as its going to happen, anyway!

#BlogBird @UTNwomen

@HRHHenryWindsor  @Meghammdaily


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