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Established in 2008, Uniting The Nations is a cultural awareness program of community events and activities.  Showcasing the traditions of nations from around the world, the program is designed to bring appreciation to the many international groups making up our society; bring peace and harmony through understanding.

Our projects is nonfunded and run by voluntary support.  If you could like to help us with financial injection or support in other ways, UTN gladly accept your contribution.

Uniting The Nations Weekend

Uniting The Nations Embassy Tour

Uniting The Nations Festival

Uniting The Nations Ball

Uniting The Nations ‘Festival of Voices’ 2011

Uniting The Nations ‘Festival of Voices’ 2012

cropped-utn-cultural-program-logo2.jpg 2017

UTN Women’s Business Convention 2017

Support Surgery

  • Talking Bereavement to Achievement
  • Chix On Stix – living with disability
  • Living with Diabetes (coming soon)
  • RESTORE Women’s Conference   9th December 2017

2018 – Support Surgery


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