Celebrating National Days

UTN will be working on sharing more national days of the countries around the world.  We want to share moments that make a nation proud to be of that origin and invite you to work with us.  Send in your photos of your national days as they happen around the world.  Lets unite in color, diversity and celebration;  the world is her for us all.

May 9th 2017 – Russia celebates Victory Day 72 years after World World II.

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Red Square historical-museum




Bank Holiday Glory

We officially have 8 UK Bank Holidays in the year:-

  1. Easter
  2. Good Friday
  3. May Day
  4. Whitsun (May end)
  5. Summer Bank Holiday (August)
  6. New Year
  7. Christmas
  8. Boxing Day

So why have they grouped half of them into such close proximity within the season of spring?



Easter Egg Madness

So why do we give the Easter egg?

Another commercialized time of the year where parents and loved ones are expected to spend mini fortunes on purchasing the latest selection of chocolate novelty, costing a little more than necessary.  So why do we feel obliged of having to fall into the trap?


Is it the screaming kid syndrome and disappointed faces of tears?  Even now as an adult do I feel the need to have to receive some form of Easter award in chocolate form?  I think just being able to get to the end of Lent with a sense of achievement is reward enough, don’t you?  To be able to sustain such will power in belief of something so strong to your faith is a great channel of control.

The muslim tradition undertake fasting as a huge part of their practise and when you hear from a simple taxi driver why fasting is part of the belief, to appreciate the control of fasting, you learn to appreciate the greatness of our universe and its glory.

Learn more about the EasterTide Giving of Eggs



Precious World

To add on to this blog… do we even really stop to think how precious our world is?

The madness that we create amongst ourselves, as human beings, is saddening and as a new blogger I am glad that we have the availability to share in this way.

Let’s not forget our precious world and how short our time is here in the universe. Lets make it count and treat each other with the love and respect we would want to receive.  Enjoy your weekend – enjoy your life

Sending universal love #BlogBirdmom-2208928__340 How Precious

Trump just attacked Syria. I try not to think about it. But I do. These thoughts concerning the possibility of a third world war got me reflecting on life a bit. Nothing too profound. Just wondering if I lived my life as best as I could. And if I have any regrets… I’m not so […]

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via Daily Prompt: Denial

Have you ever been in “di Nile?”  Not talking about a river in Egypt.

Okay so we all get there are some point in our lives, however to what extent do we bury our head in the sand and hope it all goes away?  At what level do we tell our innerself, STOP, enough is enough?Nile-River_Egypt

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What Legacy?

Whether we are male or female we all only have one chance to make the most of our lives and as we see the developments in our daily news, it is saddening to the heart that we are subjecting ourselves as Human Beings to be depriving ourselves in such ways.

What legacy do we intend to leave for our chilren?  What will be left of our  wartorn environment and how will we feel if our ancestors left that for us?

World, we have only one and its a one shot glory so lets make the most of us all being created in this amazing way and really appreciate that in the bigger scheme of things we really only have a short time on this earth.

May the Universe bless us

Beautiful World