UTN Convention Women

Thursday 18th May – Council House – Birmingham – NO ORDINARY BUSINESS.

We’re getting there…it is with great pleasure to share that UTN are returning to the stage.  This spring we invite you to join us for the first Uniting The Nations Women’s Business Convention to be hosted in the West Midlands.  Come and join us on our journey and help us to make a difference to our communities by empowering and inspiring.

Event to include:

Beverley N    Zoe Bennett        Audreia Josephs     Parveen                       Sarah J       Financial with Fajli


Are you feeling isolated in life, alone or overwhelmed in your space in life?  We all know that it can get too much at times and it takes a lot of encouragement to keep going; don’t let your well run dry. The UTN is hosting a day to inspire and motivate females back to life.  We are inviting you to drop the kids at school and make your way to a day of celebration.  We invite you to come from behind your desks and be part of adding value to your community.  Most of all, we invite you to come and be that person who says, “YES I CAN!” …because you’re worth it too.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” Susan Jeffers.


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