2017 – Sharing moments of Jamaica Independence celebrations party in Birmingham UK images taken on Day 2: 5th August 2017

Women’s Business Convention – 18.5.2017

Hosted at the City Council House in Birmingham – click to view page of some of the memories of the day


UTN History – we’re retrieving some of our memories from previous years

wim-festival-2012-137          wim-festival-2012-113        cameroon-utn


wim-festival-2012-100         wim-festival-2012-126        agnels-camera-059

wim-festival-2012-022        wim-festival-2012-036       wim-festival-2012-048

wim-festival-2012-058      wp_20170218_17_21_31_rich_li        wim-festival-2012-0031.jpg

montage-gala-2    agnels-camera-168      wim-festival-2012-083

wim-festival-2012-039    wim-festival-2012-042   UTN @ Peace One Day Global Truce Meet

WP_20170309_16_26_33_Pro_LI   wim-festival-2012-115






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