Maroon Ribbon Campaign – 10 Years

Back in 2016 a promotional journey began and the Maroon Ribbon Campaign returned to share support and encouragement for females working and involved in the music industry.

Born out of the Women in Music Festival the Ribbon & Rose was designed to inspire and support the awareness of women undertaking occupational roles in an entertainment sector with low female percentage.

The Maroon Ribbon Campaign, first introduced in 2008 as part of the Uniting The Nations Weekend is stepping into the new year embarking on a mission to gain global support for a day of unity for females across the world.  We invite you all to join us @maroonribbon as the date of March 28 draws closer with each day; show your support for all the females you know working in the music industry and help pave the way for generations to come.  Register your female music service /company with us.

The Ribbon and Rose designed as an emblem of encouragement