Bienvenue  欢迎  welkom  добре дшли  Bienvenido  خوش آمدید  herzlich willkommen  ласкаво    просимо  Vítejte  fáilte  Tervetuloa  добредојден   வரவேற்பு   mauya   أهلا بك   дабро запрашаем    hwan-yeong   amohelehile  Welina  ਸਵਾਗਤ ਹੈ   merħba   wamukelekile    Välkommen  Wolkem  ຍິນດີຕ້ອນຮັບ  benvinguda  dobrodošli  Bula  Yokoso   
August 2017 : Jerusalem


July: The Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China -UTN copy

Wonders of the World

June 2017: London

UTN Parliament

May 2017: Russia

Red Square historical-museum



Taj Mahal  river_london wp Vatican  paris-2000275__340Eifel berlin - wp  ancient- China for UTN  Great Wall of China -UTN RoyalAlbert Hall - London


iceberg-828989__340 Antartica for UTN



Amazon jungle for UTN-1329987

Nile-River_Egypt The River Nile – INDIA

UTN for pyramids Pyramids – EGYPT





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World Food Program            DEC                                      Medical Sans Frontieres

Indian Food Council              Rescue                                 Water Aid           Refugee Agency

Unicef                                      Peace One Day                    Field Studies        


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Uniting The Nations is a cultural awareness program sharing appreciation and understanding for generations to follow
If you have something special you would like to contribute to the Uniting The Nations cultural program, please get in touch – pro-active contributions most welcome.

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