Do you know a woman in music?

Singers, producers, directors, agents, teachers, musicians, composers, and all…March 28th is international Women in Music Day – a time when people of the industry can come together to celebrate, encourage and empower females to undertake more occupational roles within this multi-million currency entertainment sector.

Whether you are a front band performer or an agent of the arts,  MARCH 28 is a day for all to show support in a month of female celebrations on a global mission for progressive development.

UTN are inviting countries from around the world to support this day of indifference and join us the 10th anniversary in 2018.  Jump on board the Maroon Ribbon Campaign for inspirational change – adorn your official emblems of unity and help us to pave the way for generations to follow.

If you fancy being part of a Maroon Ribbon celebration to support your women in music industry roles, contact

#maroonribboncampaign #womeninmusicpin #March28

MRC and WIM Campaign information.jpg

#UTNWorld #maroonribbon

Promote your role in the industry – post your musical inclusion images to Facebook


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